Monthly Bible Quiz Competitions
Quiz Number - 114
Bible Section : Judges 14,15
Closing Date : 2023-06-30
(Some questions have more than one correct answer, all correct answers must be selected)

1. What things did Samson hide from his father and mother?

The story of tearing the lion cub in two with bare hands
The story of finding honeycomb and honey on the lion's corpse
The story of taking honey from the lion's corpse
The story of welcoming Samson on the lion's corpse
The story of the lion giving wine

2. What is Samson's story?

Body grows to eat food
Appetite to drink water
Food comes from the eater
Sweetness comes from the strong
Honey comes from the lion

3. What Samson himself drank and gave to his mother and father?

Soft drink

4. What happened when Samson's father went to the woman's house?

Samson held a feast
It was customary for a young man to do so
30 men were gathered to be his companions
Samson told the riddle
They listened to the riddle

5. The young men who came as Samson's companions - when and what did they say to Samson's wife?

Fourth day
Coax your husband
Coax your husband tell the answer to the riddle
Let us burn down your house
Did you invite us to steal our property?

6. What did Samson's wife say to Samson?

You don't show love to me but you hate me
You gave the people a riddle
You didn't tell me the answer
You didn't give me a good cup of coffee
You didn't take me to the beach

7. What was the question raised by the men of the town?

What is sweeter than honey?
Will the marigold wilt?
Why do lotuses grow in water?
What is stronger than a lion?
Why does the earth's soil have many colours?

8. What happened to Samson when he found the answer to Samson's story?

The Spirit of the Lord came upon him with power
The Spirit of the Lord did not come upon him with power
Samson went to Ashkelon and killed 30 of the people there, took their clothes and gave them to those who answered the question about their clothes
He went back to his father's house
Samson's wife was given to one of his companions

9. What happened to Samson when his wife went home during the wheat harvest?

He went to meet his wife with a lamb
He told her father I am going to meet my wife in her room
Her father did not let him in
He thought he really hated her so I have given her to your friend
Her father said let her younger sister be his wife instead

10. Samson set fire to the bundles and sent what among the main crops of the Philistines?


11. Why did the Philistines kill Samson's wife and her father?

Because Samson's wife was given to his companion
Because Samson's wife's father did this thing
Because Samson’s father married his trusted wife to someone else
Because Samson burned the Philistines gardens and grain
Because the foxes lost their tails

12. What is the name of the cave in the rock where Samson stayed?

Rameses Lekhi
Arch of the Fox

13. What did Samson do when he was angry that the Philistines had burned his wife and her father?

He loved them
He stayed in the cave in the rock
He took revenge on them
He attacked them severely
He slaughtered many of them

14. Where did the Philistines camp to attack Lehi?

Samson's hill
In Judah
In the fortress of Etham
In the fortress of the Philistines
In the foxtail arch

15. What did the people of Judah say to the Philistines?

Why have you come against us
Give us protection
We have not sinned
We will repay sin for sin
We will love you

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