Monthly Bible Quiz Competitions
Quiz Number - 103
Bible Section : Judges 6:8-23
Closing Date : 2022-07-31
(Some questions have more than one correct answer, all correct answers must be selected)

1. What did the Lord do when the people of Israel cried out?

He fed them
He made the people angry
He drove them away
He sent a prophet
He made a leader of justice

2. Where did the angel of the Lord come and sit in Ophrah?

In the sky
In the land belonging to Joshua
In the tree belonging to the Abiezer family
Under the oak tree
Near the gods of the Amorites

3. What did the Lord say when He sent the prophets to Israel?

I brought you up out of Egypt
Do not worship the gods of the Amorites in the land where you live.
I am the Lord your God.
I have redeemed you out of the hand of all them that love you, and out of the hand of all that oppressed you.
I have given you their land.

4. What did they do without hearing the voice of the Lord?

Starved to death
Worshipped the gods of the Amorites
Listened to the voice of the Lord and perished
Asked the Lord to come straight up
Believed the gods of the Amorites to be true

5. Why was Gideon beating grain at the vineyard?

To cover the wheat from the Midianites
For the Lord to disappear
For secretly giving wheat to the Midianites
For the vineyard to be large
For the vineyard to fail

6. What did the angel tell Gideon?

He said to come out
He said to flee in fear of the pedals
He said he was a mighty warrior
He said the Lord was with you
He said he would give you swords and men

7. What did the Lord say to Gideon?

You will do the same with your own energy
You will free the Israelites
I am the one who sent you
Horses are all dead
You can not defeat destiny

8. If the Lord is with us, why did these activities happen, what did the people say?

The Lord brought us out of Egypt
Where are all the works that our fathers sowed?
Why has the Lord forsaken us now?
You have delivered us into the hands of the Midianites
Don’t want you God

9. What did Gideon say to the Lord?

Which way will I deliver the Israelites
The weak family in Manoah is mine
I am small in my father's house
I do not know how to fight
I can not fight the Midianites

10. What did the Lord say to Gideon?

You cannot defeat the Midianites
It is better for you to surrender to the Midianites
You are weak in spirit
I will be with you
You will defeat the Midianites as an individual

11. Who said that I have found favour with God?

The leader of the Midianites
The leader of the Ammonites
The messenger of the Lord

12. What battalion did Gideon create for the Lord?

An ephah of flour in the form of unleavened bread
Meat gravy

13. Where did Gideon place his food?

In the sky
In the tree
On the rock
On the water
On the floor

14. How did Gideon learn that the messenger of the Lord was real?

When the angel of the Lord appeared in the sky
When the angel of the Lord disappeared without his knowledge
When the fire rose from the rock
When the meat and bread were burned
When the angel of the Lord touched his army

15. What did the Lord say to Gideon when he saw the angel of the Lord face to face?

I wish you well.
Do not be afraid
You will not die
I will feed you
I will accept children

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