Monthly Bible Quiz Competitions
Quiz Number - 110
Bible Section : Judges 10-17, 11-1,24
Closing Date : 2023-02-28
(Some questions have more than one correct answer, all correct answers must be selected)

1. Who camped in Gilead?

The people of Israel
The Philistines
The Ammonites
The woman who came to the mountain fortress
The group of Jephthah

2. Who camped at Mizpah?

The Philistines
Ibta crew
The People of Israel
Mua Bin Deities

3. Who is Jephthah?

A mighty warrior
Belonging to Gilead
Abhi is a working son
Abi killed Melech's brothers
Son of Gilead

4. Why did they chase Iphta?

Jephthah was the son of another woman
Due to lack of share in their father's house
That he was the son of Gilead
He is an adult
By messing with soldiers

5. Where did Jephthah flee and live?

In the Tob country
In Gilead
In the hill fort
With the Sidonians
With Alamakier

6. Where did the elders of Gilead go when the Ammonites went to war with Israel?

They went to collect Jephthah
They went to collect from Tob
They decided to kill Jephthah
They made peace with Jephthah
They gave Jephthah the post

7. What did Jephthah say to the elders who had come to gather him?

You don't hate me
I was not thrown out of my father's house
Why do you come to me only when you are suffering?
I will give you food
Kill me

8. What was the thought of the elders who came to collect the Jephthah?

To join Jephthah in the war against the Ammonites
To make Jephthah the leader of all the people living in Gilead
To hand over Jephthah to the Ammonites
To send a messenger
To protect themselves from the Ammonites

9. What is the status of Ibta who left with the elders and went to the people?

Jephthah said that I have left with your elders.
The people accepted him as their leader
The people accepted him as their war commander
Jephthah took all his affairs to the people before Lord Thirumun in Mizpah
Iphta did not respect the people

10. What did Jephthah send his messenger and say to the king of Ammonia?

Do not make war with my people
I will give you tribute
What is the case between me and you
You come against me and fight in my land
I have come as the leader of the people of Israel

11. What was the response of the Amorite king to Jephthah's messenger?

The people of Israel have taken away my land from the Arnon to the Jabbok
Give them back in peace
I have not come to fight with you
You are not the leader of the Israelites
You are not worthy to speak peace to us

12. What did Jephthah report back to the king of Ammonia?

Israel did not take the land of the Moabites
Israel did not take the land of the Ammonites
Israel did not enter the territory of the Moabites
King Sikon fought with Israel
So the God of Israel delivered Sikon and his people into the hands of Israel

13. Why did the Israelites conquer the Amorites and take their land?

Because Sihon did not trust the Israelites
Because Sihon gathered his people and fought with the Israelites
Because Sihon camped at Jahaz and fought with the Israelites
Because he refused permission when the Israelites sent a messenger with the king of the Amorites to cross your country to reach his country
Because the Israelites did not make peace with the people

14. What land did the Israelites claim?

From the Arnon to Jabbok
From the desert to the Jordan
All the land where the Amorites lived

15. Who was the god of the Amorite king?


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