Monthly Bible Quiz Competitions
Quiz Number - 120
Bible Section : Judges 19-13,20 & 20-1,28
Closing Date : 2023-12-31
(Some questions have more than one correct answer, all correct answers must be selected)

1. Who came and stayed at Gibeah?

An old man
People from the hill country of Ephraim
People from work
People from the field
Belongs to Surya clan

2. What did the old man ask the man in the city square? What was the answer?

Where are you going?
Where do you come from?
We are going to the border of the hill country of Ephraim
I am from that area
I am going back to my home

3. What happened to them staying at the inn?

No one invited them into their homes
He provided hay and fodder for the donkeys
We have bread and wine for the women
We have to do sun salutations
We have food for our workers

4. What did the old man said to those staying?

Don't stay in the square at night
May you be well
I will take care of all your needs
I will give you money
Sell all your donkeys to me

5. What did Phinehas ask as he stood before the Ark of the Covenant? What did the Lord say?

The people of Benjamin are my brothers
Shall I not go again to fight with them? He asked
The Lord said go
He said tomorrow I will hand them over to you
Pinakasu said I will not fight with them

6. What did the people of Israel ask God for? What did the Lord say?

Who will go to war for us first with the people of Benjamin
Let Judah go first
Then let Gibeah's men go
I will come with you
I will not bless you

7. What did the people of Israel do when they got up in the morning?

Encamped in front of Gibeah
The men of Israel went to battle with the people of Benjamin
They marched towards Gibeah
The men of Benjamin came out from Gibeah
They killed 20,000 men of Israel that day

8. What events took place to prepare the people of Israel for war?

The people gathered together as one confederacy
The Lord assembled at Mizpah
The leaders of all the tribes of Israel came together as a congregation of God's people
Four hundred thousand warriors with swords
Some stood with guns

9. What did the people of Israel choose to do?

They wept before the Lord until evening
They marched again to the battle in the same place where they had first assembled
The people asked the Lord if they could go to battle again with their brothers, the people of Benjamin?
The Lord said go against them
He said that if you go to war against the people of Benjamin, my blessing will not be there

10. What did all the people say with one accord?

None of us will go back
This is what we will do to Gibeah
Choose 10 men out of every 100 from all the tribes in Israel
Let Gibeah's men bring provisions to those who go to avenge their deed
Let us participate in the Olympic Games

11. What happened in the second day's battle?

The people of Benjamin came out from Gibeah against Israel
The people approached
The people of Benjamin slaughtered 18,000 of the people of Israel
All those who were cut down were warriors
They burned the warriors who were cut down with fire

12. What did the people of Israel do when the eighteen thousand warriors were cut down?

The people of Israel laughed
All the people of Israel came to Bethel and wept
There they sat before the Lord
There they fasted before the Lord
There they slept

13. What did the people of Israel who came to Bethel fast and do?

They offered a burnt offering
They offered a peace offering
They asked the Lord for advice
They went to Benjamin's people in the chariot
The horses refused to go with them

14. What advice did they ask the Lord?

Because the ark of God was there
The ark was the ark of the covenant
They asked if they could open the ark
They thought about taking the stick that was inside the ark
The ark did not give advice

15. Who was Phinehas?

Aaron's grandson
Aaron's son Eleazar son
Moisen's adopted son
Israel's ambassador
One who was employed

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